Peerage Elevation Checklist

To make that Laureling Ceremony extra special, use the following checklist to make sure you've covered all the bases.

Download a printable checklist (PDF - 22K) for delegating tasks and checking items off the list

Laurel Line

Peerage Planning: TO DO list
All of this is "if applicable"
Set date / Coordinate with TRMs
Determine if candidate should be notified ahead of time, and if so by whom
Arrange to get candidate to the event
Notify Order
Arrange for vigil site (room or tent) at event - CONTACT AUTOCRAT
Arrange for chairs/tables/rugs/privacy walls for vigil site
Arrange for candidates art work to be on display at vigil site
Arrange for basin, pitcher, water, towel for handwashing
Assign someone to do the handwashing (pour water; speak)
Arrange for book/pen for vigil comments
Coordinate food (food, drinks, serving platters, table, table cloth, cups, plates, napkins)
Arrange for special garb
Assign someone to manage the vigil line
Coordinate guards
Arrange for scroll (Coordinate with TRMs and Clerk Signet)
Determine type of ceremony
Ask / Coordinate 4 worthies (if 4-worthy type ceremony)
  • Knight
  • Laurel
  • Pelican
  • Rose
Plan for returning "student" belt (notify TRMs)
Arrange for medallion (write down any medallion legacy!)
Arrange for cloak
Other regalia?
Let TRMs know details of ceremony (who is speaking / what regalia is provided, how best to call person in to court, whether to call person in first or the order)
Arrange for cleanup
Remind new Laurel to contact the Principal with contact information

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